HOOKUP takes the likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs of two random audience members and turns them into a fully improvised romantic comedy. You’ll hook up, break up, live the single life, and fall in love all over again without ever leaving your seat. 

Directed by Paul Bates (Dan For Mayor, Illusionoid).

Hookup features an all-star cast of some of the city’s hottest (dreamiest!) improvisers including: Christy Bruce (Blind Date), Nigel Downer (Second City), Alastair Forbes (Sunnyside), Jennifer Goodhue (Comedy Inc.), Liz Johnston (Entrances and Exits), Ann Pornel (Second City), Natalie Metcalfe (Tour Co.), Jess "Jorsh Bronsen Bryson (Moonstuck), Kris Siddiqi (Second City) and Conor Bradbury (Sex T-REX). With Andrew Bushell (La Grande Jatte), Andrea Marston (Toronto I Love You), Christian Smith (Tour Co.), Kirsten Rasmussen (Second City), Jim Annan (Second City), Tricia Black (She The People) and Tom Hearn (HouseCo).

**It is strongly recommended to buy tickets in advance.***

Saturdays | 9:30PM
$20 General| $15 Student/Arts Workers