Youth & Teen Classes

Improv theatre and comedy workshops and classes for youth and teens in Toronto!

Youth & Teen Classes 

Youth Academy is The Bad Dog Theatre Company's youth improvisation education program. We emphasize story, listening, impulse work (being spontaneous!), teamwork, basic stagecraft, agreement, confidence and game play.

Our Youth Academy classes build confidence, foster creativity and help young people give voice to their ideas, all in a supportive, nurturing and (above all) fun environment. The Bad Dog Youth Academy is open to young performers ages 10 to 15. Our classes offer an introduction to improvisation and an opportunity to jam, play games and perform scenes and receive personalized instruction.


What:  Our Youth Improv classes for youths in grades 4-6 & 7-9 are seven-week sessions that build to a term-ending performance on the Bad Dog Theatre stage in front of a live audience! The curriculum is tailored to the experience level of the students, and all experience levels are welcome. Collaborate, listen, learn, have fun!

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Youth Improv Ensemble (Grades 4-6)
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Youth Improv Ensemble (Grades 7-9)
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 Why take a Youth Academy Class?

Bad Dog Theatre improvisation is a wonderful experience for our 13-year-old son, who tried it for the first time and loved it. The performance, held at a theatre, showed off the terrific work and dedication of the teacher in creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere at the same time as developing skills. The witty, charming, spontaneous side of the kids came out in an unforced, natural way. Watching them, I realized how challenging improv is but also how much fun they had with it.
— D.K. and R.L., Toronto
  • Learning to comfortably think on your feet – to accept and respond to the unexpected – is an amazing life skill and a terrific confidence builder… useful in everything from school presentations to job interviews to everyday conversations!

  • The storytelling and genre work we do is not only a fantastic extension to what is covered in school drama classes, but also helps further develop language and literacy skills – giving students a more comfortable grasp of the parts of a story and how characters, context, action and stakes work together to create and sustain interest.

  • The Bad Dog Youth Academy is part of the bigger Bad Dog improv community and throughout the year, there are all sorts of opportunities for interested students to see professional unscripted comedy and meet the amazing performers in our shows – many of whom got their start taking classes like these before going on to careers onstage and onscreen.

  • Our teachers are terrific improvisers themselves – who come to class well-prepared, but are very skilled at adjusting to the experience-level, personalities and needs of their students.

  • And… maybe the most fun of all… at the end of each term, Youth Academy classes get an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned – live, on stage… in front of an audience!

Create your own characters and stories, play games and learn valuable listening and team building skills for both the stage and real life.  Be the star of your own show!

 For further information about classes and registration, 
contact our Youth Director at!