Youth Academy

Fall Youth Advanced Ensemble


Fall Youth Advanced Ensemble

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What: Two-term ensemble based class for youth with experience in improv Grades 6-8. Work together with your classmates to build and ensemble and develop rich, interesting characters.

Duration: 2hrs, 7 weeks of class plus a final performance open to Family & Friends.

When: Saturdays, 10-12pm

  • YAE Term 1: Sept 8th - Oct 27th (no class Thanksgiving weekend)

  • YAE Term 2: Nov. 3rd - Dec.15th

  • End of Term 1 Showcase: Oct 28th @ 7pm

  • End of Term 2 Showcase: Dec 16th @ 7pm

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Youth Advanced Ensemble Term 1: Building Character

Behind every great improv show is a strong ensemble with interesting characters. Refresh your skills and build an ensemble with 11 other eager and experienced students. In these two sessions, youths (grades 6-8) will build on their previous improv skills and develop a group mind that will take your scenes to the next level. Students will also be learning how to develop rich, interesting characters that will drive the scenes forward in a whole new exciting way.


YAE 1 - Saturday, 10am - 12pm Sept. 8th - Oct. 27th (no class Thanksgiving weekend)    

  • End of Term 1 Showcasw - Oct. 28th @ 7pm

YAE 1 & 2 Saturday, 10am -12pm, Sept. 8th - Dec. 15th  (no class Thanksgiving weekend)    

  • End of Term 1 Showcasw - October 28th @ 7pm

  • End of Term Showcasw - Dec 16th @ 7pm