Yes Android


Yes, Android is an improvised show about the intersection of human relationships and technology. And it's very funny.

The premise: one improviser will be our Android, receiving their dialogue from an artificial intelligence "chatbot". The rest of the cast must work around and justify the robot's responses, doing their best to make this Android feel like a human being. The results are simultaneously surprising, disturbing and hilarious. 

Think Black Mirror, but with a happy ending.

Yes, Android is directed by Etan Muskat and is developed in collaboration with Edmonton based improviser Kory Mathewson (Rapid Fire Theatre) who has been working with AI and improv for several years. The show features Tricia Black, Tim Blair, Tess Degenstein, Filipe Dimas, Talal Itani, Becky Johnson, Mark Little, Kayla Lorette, Amy Matysio, Clare McConnell, Christian Smith and Hannah Spear.

Run extended due to popularity!

Yes, Android

9:30pm • Fridays until June 1
$10 arts workers/students • $15 general
tickets available at the door or online