Wheel of Improv

​Wheel of Improv at Comedy Bar - learn short form improv games in Toronto!

Wheel of Improv


The Bad Dog is delighted to welcome Natasha Boomer and the Wheel of Improv to Comedy Bar as a part of Bad Dog Academy 

Tuesdays at 9:30pm.  Wheel of Improv, “the non-competitive competitive games gameshow” has been a Toronto improv fixture virtually from the day it launched in January of 2009 – recently celebrating its third anniversary with a massive show on the Second City mainstage.

Boomer started the show at the John Candy Box Theatre as a place where new improvisers could safely learn the art of unscripted performance and games with their improv heroes…  Where, at any given time on that stage, one could be new, old, a leader, a follower, a mentor or a student, dependant on the spin of the Wheel.  Wheel of Improv is a home for artists to play together at all levels – to build community, to learn, to network and have a place to belong.

In short – it couldn’t be a more perfect fit with Bad Dog Academy Tuesdays… the night Bad Dog showcases the work being done in our Performance Series classes and turns the stage over to Toronto’s emerging improvisers and ideas.  It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or where you’ve played before – if you want to get up onstage and try your hand at unscripted comedy (and get to play with a member of the Bad Dog faculty or someone you’ve seen in a show!) – Wheel of Improv is the place to do it (and Boomer is the person to do it with!).

While we are actively working to build an audience that is not exclusively made up of our peers, Tuesday nights at Comedy Bar are a celebration of the improv community – somewhere to flex new muscles, play with new people, talk shop and get inspired. (And now that we’re at Comedy Bar, we can grab a bite or a beer while we’re at it!)

Bad Dog Academy Tuesdays:

7pm: No Experience Necessary $5 Drop-In class

8pm: Performance Series showcases & open workshops– $5

9:30pm: Boomer’s Wheel of Improv – $5 (or $2 if you come to the 8pm show)