Triplespeak follows a classic improvisational format, the Armando. The reason the Armando is so widely performed is that it cuts to the core of what’s funny: the truth.

By inviting guests from beyond our theatre’s community to candidly share stories, we expose our stage to a breadth of personal truth. A skilled ensemble will deconstruct them to show an audience the edges of the social frameworks that make these stories so absurd, scary, triumphant, and human.

Each show builds itself out from the stories shared, as the cast weaves those experiences into new stories which, in a good Armando, make you laugh very hard, uniquely provoked by thought and feeling. Shows of this nature broaden our understanding of one another. They invite new truths to become part of a shared worldview. In a climate of polarizing realities it is crucial to share our stories and make sense of them together. Audiences will be treated to some of Toronto’s most engaging minds inspiring some of Toronto’s funniest improvisors, performing with intelligence and abandon.

9:30PM • fourth Saturday of the month
$10 students/arts workers • $15 general
Online or at the door.