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T&T Night Market, I Love You

by Stephanie Malek

I love eating. I want to eat everything in the world, and I have a particular weakness for Asian cuisine. Luckily, among the million of food festivals this city has, we have the T&T Night Market


T&T is a chain of Asian grocery stores, primarily located in the suburbs, except for their Cherry St. location, of which I am a frequent customer ($2 onigiri after 6? yes please). Every July they transform their parking lot into rows of kiosks, food trucks, games, and stages for three glorious days. 

I first went to this festival by myself, when I randomly found out about it and knew I had to bring my friend Carly. Carly and I became friends when we were teens due to a shared love of Sailor Moon, and Japanese culture. We've spent many collective hours in Chinatown and Pacific Mall, rummaging for cute toys and eating amazing food. There is no one else I could picture enjoying this as much as me.

I basically barfed rainbows myself when I saw this offer

Carly and I went and proceeded to stuff ourselves sick, buy ridiculous toys, and took pictures of the adorable signs. It's definitely more fun with a friend, especially a friend who will not judge you and the things you are eating.

Personal favourites include deep fried rice balls, takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls), and rice flour rolls with shrimp. Basically a lot of deep fried because you are at a food fest and your dietary choices don't count like they do in the real world! Personal to avoids include the natto (on god this smells like death and the smell will hit you periodically as you walk through - try not to be eating when it does), the tornado shrimp (pictured at the top - it's just the messiest and not worth the effort), and anything with crazy weird meats (unless you like that sort of thing). 

It's busy, it's noisy, it's insane, and it's incredible! Wear baggy pants or a roomy dress - your stomach will thank you!

Do you have any favourite food festivals? Tried anything amazing at the T&T Night Market? Comment below!