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Neighbourhood Watch Signs, I Love You

by Stephanie Malek

Street signs are boring. Usually the only time they are of interest is when someone posts "Hammer Time" on a Stop sign. That was until "Andrew Lamb" came along.

Parkside Drive, south of Howard Park

Parkside Drive, south of Howard Park

If you've walked around downtown neighbourhoods, you've likely seen similar signs - "Andrew" (not his real name) has been going around the city pasting retro heroes on faded Neighbourhood Watch signs. I get to pass by these on a fairly regular basis and rarely a day goes by that I don't look up and smile. Batman protects my street, while the Hardy Boys make sure I get to the streetcar stop safely. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts are always looking after Brock Street, and I bike by Adventures in Babysitting when the weather is nice.

The CBC did a story on the signs back in June but we get to enjoy them all year round. 

Does your street have its own Neighbourhood Watch hero on it? Which one is your favourite? Please comment and let me know!