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Fall in Toronto, I Love You

by Stephanie Malek

Yes, it's winter. We're all pining away for warmer days, sunnier weather, and to not have to wear a million clothes all the time. No matter what season it is, we're always wishing it was a different season. Except for Fall, that is.

View from Trinity Bellwoods Park

View from Trinity Bellwoods Park

Summer is too hot. Spring is too wet. Winter is hecka cold. But Fall - Fall is perfect. You can walk around the city in nothing but a cardigan and jeans and all around you are beautiful trees, porches with carved jack o' lanterns on them, empty child-less streets, and the sweet smell of falling leaves.

There are a few spots in Toronto where the leaves are the most stunning:

  • The Don Valley - drive up the parkway and your eyes will be drenched in stunning reds, yellows, and oranges.
  • High Park - I've already professed my love for the park, but I will do so again (and forever).
  • Trinity Bellwoods - added bonus of adorable doggies in the dog pit!
Don't you just want to roll around on those leaves?

Don't you just want to roll around on those leaves?

I know it's hip to like Fall, and pumpkin spice, and all that stuff but Toronto's abundance of trees and parks, paired with the mild temperatures, gives us a real treat! I know it feels ages away, but remember fall and the city as it was just a few short months ago: 

Do you have any wonderful photos of Toronto in the fall?