Toronto Fringe, I Love You

Guest post: Paloma Nuñez on the folk soul of Sudbury

When I was 25, I finally moved to the city I'd been dreaming of living in, Toronto! 

I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario, a northern city with fresh water lakes, classic rock radio stations and not much to do. Growing up in Sudbury was a safe yet boozy experience, but one thing was lacking, a sense of the bigger world, diversity in culture etc.  When I arrived in Toronto, I was thrilled to experience the vast variety of cuisine, families from all over the world, and a rich theatre/arts community.  I've lived in Toronto for over 10 years and it is now that I have an appreciation for the place that raised me: Sudbury, it's sweet home town feel, the lakes I could drive to in less than 5 minutes and swim without any concern of e coli, the bush parties, the back yard BBQ's; a feeling that words cannot describe.  Only music can bring that feeling back, the smells etc, which is why I'm thrilled that the Bad Dog Repertory Player's have chosen a song for their Toronto Fringe show, TORONTO I LOVE YOU, that does just that, transports me back to my home town, Radios, by Brian Dunn-a native Sudburian, musician and guitar shop owner.  His album TV's and Radios (available on iTunes) has that folkie soul that reminds me of the easy Northern Ontario living.