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Bad Dog's flagship show, Theatresports, has been making Toronto audiences laugh for over 35 years. Theatresports mixes the thrill of improv with the energy of a sporting event, putting you in the middle of the side-splitting scenes.

Theatresports mixes the thrill of improv with the energy of a sporting event. If improv had a baby with the WWE, that beautiful abomination would be Theatresports -vs- Everybody.

This summer we've curated some of the hottest matchups with improvisers from their respective troupes, countries, and hometowns going head to head for your viewing pleasure.

Relationships will be tested. Tears* will be shed. Grudges will be born.

*of laughter


Q: Will the improvisers perform games like the kind you see on 'Whose Line is It Anyway'?

A: Yes. Everything is made up, and this time, the points DO matter. A lot.

Q: I've seen Theatresports before. How intense can it really get?

A: Avert your gaze, theatregoer. It might be too much for your soft temperament. (Show is loosely rated PG13!)

Q: Who allowed this to happen?

A: Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the spectacle, and keep your head on a swivel. The action might spill offstage in moments of heated competition.

Fast paced, completely unscripted, and full of energy, this is the show to see for comedy lovers of all types.

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8pm | every Saturday
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Want to bring the kids along? Not a problem. Theatresports is loosely rated PG13, with the knowledge that content is not guaranteed!