The Guest List

You’re Cordially Invited…


Drawing on the audience’s own experiences, the players use suggestions of significant life events where friends and family might gather to create a completely original party environment. With no other information, the BDRP will transform themselves into an array of party-goers, bringin

g to life characters that are both outlandish and familiar, and morphing the stage into an intimate gathering on the spot. Replete with family dysfunction, unlikely trysts and wacky uncles who make you remember why you never invite yours to anything, ever. The Guest List is character-based narrative in which families fall apart and bonds are formed between the most unlikely of pairs. Just throw your coats on the bed..

Freshly returned from an extremely successful appearance at the Vancouver Improv Festival and their most ambitious Toronto production to date, the BDRP are excited to present their newest show The Guest List. This show promises to showcase the Repertory Players’ amazingly vibrant array of characters as never seen before.  The Guest List runs ONE FINAL NIGHT APRIL 17th (945 Bloor St. W) at 8pm!!