Theatresports very skillfully and tastefully achieved a wonderful spoof of our change management. They also delighted the audience by incorporating our internal jokes and language into their routines. I would definately recommend them for other organizations.

-The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Our HR department was thrilled with your workshop. The breakout groups worked well and had a great time learning skills with each member of your team. Listening to the laughter from the other breakout groups was almost as much fun as participating in our own group.

-Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.

We were looking for team building and communication skills and most importantly – FUN. And we got all three, in spades. (The instructors) were all fantastic – and the music for the show was a nice touch too. Talking to people after the event, some of the things that they did best were:
-A very gradual build up of activity – starting with a very simple safe activity helped people feel comfortable.
-[The instructors/performers] were very supportive of everyone’s efforts – and didn’t try to show off their improv skills – they made everyone feel welcome.
-They really kept the focus on team building – after each exercise they pointed out how certain points about teamwork had been illustrated.
-They were really funny! The show at the end was great – and the audience participation was hilarious as well.
Needless to say, we were quite satisfied… it couldn’t have gone better… all the fears I had about how the introverts of the office would feel about participating were laid to rest in the first couple of minutes.

-University of Toronto, Career Centre

The Alliance Atlantis team had an excellent time. The workshop encouraged risk-taking and creative thinking by setting up a fun and supportive environment.

-Alliance Atlantis

Bad Dog Theatre should rename themselves “Great Dog Theatre” because this group is extra special. I have hired Bad Dog Theatre for various events and I have never been disappointed. Their improvisation guarantees a different show every time and because it is interactive, everybody has a great time. I would definitely recommend Bad Dog Theatre!!

-Event Co-ordinator, York University

We hired the Bad Dog Theatre for our corporate social event and it was a huge success. Their improv workshops and show were different from anything our staff had seen before at other events. It got people out of their seats and participating and having a great time. Political correctness was a big concern for a company of our size, but the Bad Dog Theatre performers put on a great performance without crossing the line. I’d certainly recommend them for other corporate events.

-Ernst & Young

Caution…hiring Bad Dog for your team event may cause the following: Laughing hysterically, Increased camaraderie, Discovering your adventurous side, and a general building of the team! You have been forewarned!

-HR Director, Sobey’s Ontario


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