Test Drive

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TEST DRIVE is Bad Dog Theatre's newest festival!

From March 20-24, we're showcasing new ideas from Toronto's best improvisers.
You'll catch two or three new formats in every time slot - read below to learn more about them!

Tuesday, March 20 • 9:30pm

BLOCK PARTY: A group of talented comedians break all the improv rules. You've heard of "Yes, and"? Now let's see what happens when we say "No, but..." .

You vs. The World: Your life as a video game. What if you could trade for power-ups? Had to battle your boss, and she threw fireballs? Watch the story of one audience member's life with a few magic swords, a horde of bad guys, and some handy transportation portals thrown in.

Whose Rhyme is it Anyway?: Improv is hard, musical improv is even harder. The best of the best belt it out in this comedy battle. 

Wednesday, March 21 • 9:30pm

8pm • Pitch Stop • $5

Pitch Stop: Jam Show! A core of eight core improvisers come armed with twists on classic short form games and the rest of the performers take them on! Everyone welcome to play!

9:30pm • Butterfly Effect, Babel & Hard Hitting Canadian Theatre

Butterfly Effect: The Butterfly Effect: a concept that states that "small causes can have larger effects". What were to happen if you had coffee instead of orange juice? Ate licorice instead of lunch? Raised by wolves, not people? Watch as we play out all the possibilities.

Babel: Improv as a First Language. 6 improvisers who speaks 6 different languages will play together and find out how to communicate, build a scene without understanding each other's sentences. 

Hard Hitting Canadian Theatre: Let's not take ourselves too seriously, eh?

Thursday, March 22

8pm • Parentprov & Reality Spinoff

Parentprov: Toronto's hottest and most sleep deprived moms and dads take a break from raising their offspring to bring you improvised comedy! A childhood memory will inspire revisionist improv from our real life parent improvisers.

Reality Spinoff: It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of absolute trash, without the guilt. Why binge days worth of junk TV when you can get all the best bits in under an hour?

9:30pm • D8 Me & Fake News

D8 Me: We’ll take you on a vintage journey to find love with video dating in the ‘80s. View sexy singles pitch themselves in their quest for love in videos online and you pair them up for improvised dates at a show that highlights the power of love in the most hilarious way! 

Fake News: We are going to create some Fake News, taking moments on stage and blowing them out of proportion to benefit some of the improvisers in this set. 

Friday, March 23

8pm • Rorschach & Quality Time

Rorschach: Create an inkblot test and see the improvisers unearth their psyches. 

Quality Time: My Dinner with Andre meets Who's Line is it Anyway?

9:30pm • Canada Reads! & Time

Canada Reads! An Improvised Book Clu: Literature inspires comedy. A book club without all the pretense.

Time: How many stories, how many people, relationships, exist in one place through time? Like time traveling flies on a wall we'll watch the heart break, love, and drama that unfolds in one location over years.

11pm Show • The Rabbithole & Experiments • Just $5

The Rabbithole: Ever go watch one Youtube video and before you know it, you've watched the entire internet? One thing leads to another, and then to another, and another until you're staring at a cat wearing a tutu in the bathtub. This is sort of like that, but live.

Experiments: Technology: The future of improv is now.


8pm • Theatresports

THEATRESPORTS playoffs: Pick your home team and watch them compete in the city's longest running improv show!

9:30pm • Kwento & What the Audience Wants

Kwento: A Filipino folk story comes to life.

What the Audience Wants: Panel quiz show meets improv comedy. Improvisers are tested to see who best understands what the audience wants!

11pm Show • Written in the Stars & Play by Play • Just $5

Written in the Stars: Today brave soul, you will encounter a new show called Written in the Stars and the sages recommend that you follow your courageous heart and go forth and enjoy it. Astrology improvised. 

Play by Play: Comedians provide colour commentary on the improv they watch in front of you.