Summer Test Drive


Wednesdays in July, we're going to be trying out a bunch of brand new improv show formats experimenting with things you might eventually get to see produced as part of our 2014 season (and all shows are just $5!!). But to launch things, we've teamed up with Kris Siddiqi (Egg Zeppelin, PRIMO, Second City) to present a particularly amazing show for fans (and future fans!) of unscripted comedy.


A stellar cast of Bad Dog Theatre alumni have shaken off their dusty parts and are coming together again to bring you PLAY!: an unscripted one-act play completely inspired by your suggestions. An impossible feat of comedy? Not in the hands of these fantastic veteran improvisers who will seamlessly create incredible characters in an unforgettable story that will be written before your eyes…AND THEN NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN! And, of course every great play needs a great director, so joining the cast will be a brilliant director who will help tie threads together, create tension between characters and place our actors in intense situations.

The cast is a who's who of performers who helped shape what Bad Dog is today:  Alastair Forbes, Ashley Botting, James Gangl, Paloma Nunez, Kevin Whalen-Nunez, Natasha Boomer, Jennifer Goodhue, Marcel St. Pierre, Erin Conway, Matt Folliott, Kerry Griffin & Kris Siddiqi





The party before the party: bringing classy ladies, sexy drinks, and killer stories together for one hilarious show.

The PreGame is the ultimate unscripted comedy show to see before hitting the club. Sexy ladies bust out scenes based on true stories while actually pregaming and primping for their night out. It's like a real-time YouTube makeup and hair tutorial – with cocktails!

produced by: Ann Pornel & Moniquea Marion


Hilariously frightening tales from your own backyard!

See Canadian horror history unfold before your eyes as some of the city's best comedians retell some of the spookiest and scariest ghost, alien, haunted house, paranormal or just plain strange TRUE stories from this country's weird and wonderful history! Canadian Horror Story is unscripted comedy in the time-honoured tradition of anthologized spookiness like the Twilight Zone, Goosebumps and American Horror Story, with a decidedly local twist.

produced by: Ted Hambly

also starring: Amy Ambroziak, Molly Davis, Kristie Gunter, Hayley Kellett, Sean Tabares & Alessandra Vite

yes android 300 300 fb twitter square v1.jpg



The improvised sci-fi drive-in movie. (No car required.)

Calling all film buffs, science fiction fans and people without cars who want that classic drive-in theatre experience. Drawing inspiration from films like the early and expressionist Metropolis, the gritty noir of Blade Runner, your prerequisite atomic age Cold War paranoia films - and creature features thrown in for good measure! - Yes, Android lovingly sends-up all of the signature tropes of the sci-fi genre.

Summer is drive-in season! Fill up on popcorn. Be terrified and amazed.

produced by: Lindsay Grant & Tom MacKay

also starring: Ashley Comeau, Liz Johnston, Kevin Matviw, Matt McCready, Simon Pond, Darryl Pring & Sean Tabares


To them, baseball is more than a game… it’s a really, really important game.

Like Degrassi & Field of Dreams got together and had a really charmingly hilarious baby… and that baby grew up to be an endearing misfit who just wanted to make it to the championship game… Team Wildcats has all the ups and downs of a high school drama mixed with the feel-good journey of everyone’s favourite sports movies. GO TEAM!

produced by: Caleb Gilgan, Connor Low & Jordan Moffatt

also starring: Liz Johnston, Colin Munch & Chris Ramelan




The first rule of Book Club is you must talk about Book Club.

Okay, so you’re watching a book club meet, but the people in it are super-invested in the experience – like in a next-level-drama sort of way.  Kinda like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.  But they’re talking about a real book, and the themes of the book keep popping into their world, and occasionally, they break into scenes from it. And just like a real book club, you can weigh in. (But unlike most book clubs, you can also just watch and nobody will call you out for not finishing the book.) Whether you’ve read this month’s selection or not, your Book Club hosts will entertain & illuminate in this smart, funny show - the intersection between earnest literary discussion and surprising moments of comedy and wild conjecture.

produced by: Dan Hershfield & Carly Heffernan

also starring: Ashley Comeau, Chris Gibbs, Lindsay Grant, Thomas MacKay & Devon Hyland



Dinosaurs. Action figures. Puppets. The end is near!

T-rex is stargazing with his hunting partner, Raptor, when one of the stars seems to be getting closer and closer... He dreams of a great cataclysm. He is awoken by a Mouse who tells him of a last refuge of living creatures. They set off under the blackened skies in search of this sanctuary - only to discover that it is run by power-hungry mammals, and his friend Raptor may be behind it all.

Also, it’s a comedy. Without a script. With puppets. And dinosaurs.

produced by: Alec Toller & Colin Munch


Truth is funnier than fiction

Good actors make great liars and we have some of the best, regaling you with true stories from their lives… or are they? You be the judge! See if you can separate fact from fabrication as our performers blur the lines in this brand new show from the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated co-creator of Rapp Battlez.

produced & hosted by: Freddie Rivas