Summer Intensive

Bad Dog Summer IntensiVE 2019!

Spend a week learning from some of Bad Dog's top instructors and directors - culminating in evening showcase performances.  Limited spaces available. 

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I could not get over the mix of class and actual stage time. Bad Dog offers an exceptional atmosphere for learning, trying out new skills as well as watching some masterful improvisation by members of the company!”
— Laurie, 2015 Summer Intensive Participant

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN DURING YOUR WEEK WITH BAD DOG: Mornings will be spent taking specialty classes with top Bad Dog instructors & performers. Participants will work on ensemble dynamic, scenework and building a shared vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on heightened theatricality, creating visually dynamic work, incorporating cinematic flair. Afternoons will be spent with Bad Dog Theatre Company's Artistic Director, Julie Dumais Osborne, learning her original format, La Grande Jatte

Julie Dumais Osborne, Artistic Director The Bad Dog Theatre Company

Julie Dumais Osborne, Artistic Director
The Bad Dog Theatre Company

LA GRANDE JATTE Go ahead and stare...

Bad Dog’s award-winning format takes people-watching to another level with this original unscripted comedy format. Inspired by the iconic impressionist painting by Georges Seurat, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte”, La Grande Jatte plays with the voyeuristic pleasure of presuming the stories of strangers seen in a public setting.

“When watching theatre, we connect dots, make assumptions of logic and emotional associations - liberally borrowing from our own personal bias and points of reference. Just as we do in our everyday lives and interactions both with strangers and intimates,” says director Julie Dumais Osborne. “In an improvised theatre setting, there is no pre-written script. No pre-authored story. There is total freedom to speculate, to revise, to reinterpret the same moment from multiple angles, through multiple lenses. To indulge in voyeuristic storytelling. To assemble something resembling a cohesive narrative from a multitude of otherwise unconnected details. This is one of the things I love about impressionism: the invitation for the viewer to assemble a cohesive image as only suggested by colour unbound by defined outlines."

La Grande Jatte was originally produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, was first workshopped with the international ensemble at the 2015 Vancouver Improv Festival and received its first Toronto staging at the Rhubarb Festival (Buddies in Bad Times) in February of 2016. The show won the 2017 My Theatre Award for Best Sketch/Improv Production

Our summer intensive affords participants a unique opportunity to workshop this format with its original director.

JULIE DUMAIS OSBORNE Julie has been Bad Dog's Artistic Director since 2010. She is an award-winning improviser, director and instructor who has done all of these things across North America, in Australia and on a boat. Previously, she spent nearly two decades working with the Canadian Improv Games in various roles including National Associate Artistic Director, Artistic Director of both Improv Camp & the Next Act Festival, National Head Judge and Regional Director of the Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph tournaments. She is the co-creator of the internationally-franchised improv show format: catch23 IMPROV, is one half of performance comedy duo 10,000 to Flight and founded the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated improv collective PROJECTproject as well as the COMBUSTIONfestival which she now produces under the Bad Dog umbrella.

I came to Bad Dog to seriously push myself. It was an exciting challenge. All instructors exceeded my expectations. Extremely passionate, patient and articulate.
— Roya, 2015 Summer Intensive Participant

LEARN FROM THE BEST: Our teachers bring their experience in improv, theatre, film, writing, and life, to their work. This is not a 'learn from the book' experience. Bad Dog's teaching is focused, fluid, and on your feet. Bad Dog's faculty and players come from all over the world and all over the 'improv pedagogy spectrum'- we do not teach one style and we don't perform in a single form. Improv is improv and Bad Dog incorporates all elements of the art into our shows and curriculum.

WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT BAD DOG? As Canada’s largest city, Toronto benefits from being a career destination for some of the top talent from across the country. Bad Dog’s faculty reflects this incredible variety of voices from different schools of improv thought, all unified by some key shared philosophies. Namely, that improv can exist for its own sake. 

As an end, not just a means.

We believe in agreement, story, theatricality. We embrace relationships, rooted emotional choices, efficient and impactful scenework. We love game, mischief and world creation; improv that shows, rather than just tells. We believe in solid fundamentals as a foundation for free and impulsive play.

Presenting unscripted work that is of a consistently high quality is part of our mandate.

WHEN:  Monday, July 8th - Saturday, July 13th, 2019
Each day the ensemble will meet from 10am to 5pm for the week (later start at 11am on Friday and Saturday, with 1hr for lunch each day. This adds up to a total of 34 hours of improv, not including optional nighttime performances on the Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights!

COST: Early Bird $449 (ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, June 17th) or $499 (as of Tuesday, June 18th)

WHO THIS FOR: This year’s Summer Intensive is for improvisers with at least two years experience (or Foundation 3+/Studio-level equivalent) who are ready to tackle advanced long form structures. Moreover, this is NOT just for Torontonians (though ALL are welcome!) this is a chance for out of towners to see what is happening in Canada's largest city, and what Bad Dog has to say about the art of improvisation!

Colin Munch, Scott Goldman, Candace Meeks, Kat Letwin & Julie Osborne  photo cred Jorge Mijangos


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