The team behind last year's feat of improvised comedy and jazz music - Dust Bunny - returns with a new show that spins a single word into an entire world. Spoken is directed by veteran Toronto improviser Matt Folliott and based on a form created by Randy Dixon at Unexpected Productions in Seattle.

"Spoken is a beautiful form that centers around one moment in time and asks the question, ‘How did we get here?’” says Folliott, “Based on that moment the cast creates a series of scenes directly connected to that core scene like the spokes of a wheel. The exciting part for me as a director is watching the cast create scenes without a declared narrative taking place, each scene is related to the core moment yet the narrative isn't spelled out. Instead it's a series of connected scenes were the audience gets to piece together the story and how this two characters arrive at this core moment is each and every audiences members own personal story or narrative. The show has a very personal relationship with the audiences that watch it, as the audience is the true author of this story as they choose how to piece it together.”

Spoken is performed by Paloma Nuñez (SLIP), Liz Johnston (Rooms), Conor Holler (Dust Bunny), Sean Tabares (D&D Live), Nicole Passmore (Globehead 2016 winner) and Natalie Metcalfe (O Dat Dum) with Max Bornstein and Andrew Scola. The show is produced with the support of the Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund For the Arts.  

9:30PM | Fridays
April 1 - April 29
Students/Arts Workers $10 | Adults $15
Preview: March 29 | 9:30pm | PWYC
online or in person at the box office

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