Secret Origin

An unscripted golden age comic book adventure for the whole family!

Help a brand new superhero come to life every show…

The streets are filled with crime and evil and only one hero can save us…but they haven’t been created yet! Only YOU can help make this hero a reality!

Secret Origin is an unscripted show using audience suggestions to create a brand new superhero and bring them to life. Will they be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Will they stalk the night in search of vengeance? Will they talk to fish? It’s all up to you!

“We wanted to do a superhero show because they are characters that resonate with people…even if you don’t read comics you know who they are,” says creator Mike “Nug” Nahrgang about his inspiration to produce Secret Origin.  ”With suggestions from the audience, we have a chance to create a brand new hero and maybe he or she will resonate with us all enough that they have a life beyond this show,” says Nahrgang, “We may find the next Aquaman…or the next Crazy Quilt. Come and see!”