Scene Diagnostics (Advanced)

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Scene Diagnostics (advanced)

What is it?

Scene Diagnostics: Advanced is an intensive scenework bootcamp that applies the fundamentals of improvisation for performers with at least 3 years of experience.

Scene Diagnostics will feature a mix of drills, exercises and diagnostic work that targets each improviser's individual habits & areas for growth.

When is it? Winter 2019

Who is it For? Studio graduate or 3+ years experience

How much does it cost? $250 (+HST)

How do I register? Sign up here!

Scene Diagnostics: Advanced

What is it?

An intensive scenework bootcamp for intermediate and advanced improvisors.

Scene Diagnostics: Advanced will feature tailored exercises and direct, personalized feedback from the instructor each week.

When is it? Sundays 4:30-6:30 PM | January 13th-March 3rd

Who is it For? Improvisors with at least 3 years of experience (email to inquire)

How much does it cost? $250 (+HST)




If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director at

All classes take place at The Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (875 Bloor St West).