Road Trip Mixtape

Bad Dog Theatre presents an improvised musical: Road Trip Mixtape!

A Live Improvised Musical  

Can't take a trip this summer? Come ride shotgun on ours... Road Trip Mixtape is a fully-improvised musical featuring some of Toronto’s finest improv talent. Who are these people hitting the road together? Where are they going? What are they running to? Who are they running from? Hitchhikers, pit stops, seedy motels, roadside attractions, love affairs, blowout fights, amusement parks... anything can happen. We’ll decide on the spot by asking the audience for a few suggestions to help us make the whole thing up. Think Glee meets The Hangover, except the songs are totally improvised - never to be heard again. Well, except by the audience members humming them as they leave the theatre. 

Featuring Ashley Botting, Ashley Comeau, Zoe Daniels, Reid Janisse, Trevor Martin, Ann Pornel, Kirsten Rasmussen, Aurora Browne & Alan Kliffer.

Musical director: Mark Bond!