Pandora's Box


An improvised show combining myth, mirth, and mischief, inspired by the legend of Pandora’s Box.

Directed by Canadian Comedy Award winner Sean Tabares, Pandora’s Box pits a cast of some of Toronto’s best improvisers against the evils of the universe. As each show unfolds, performers will open their own Pandora’s boxes containing unique “evils” that will change the situation for the worse – and the funnier! Only when all the evils are released into the world will the final Box of Hope be opened, bringing our characters in touch with their destinies. Each performance features a newly improvised story – inspired by a fresh batch of evils!  

The cast features some of Toronto's best improvisers, including Connor Bradbury, Christy Bruce, Ashley Comeau, Nigel Downer, Sarah Hillier, Conor Holler, Stephanie Malek, and Kris Siddiqi 

9:30PM | Fridays | January 9-30
Adults $12 | Students $10  
Buy online or at the box office.