Our Cities on Our Stages Schedule

Bad Dog Theatre Company is excited to announce the return of our diversity and inclusion conference! Year three of Our Cities on our Stages will take place on at CSI Bathurst on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3 and will explore the theme of Developing the Next Generation of Leaders.


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9:45 Breakfast & Registration

10:15 Land Acknowledgement

Introduction to OCOOS -
Julie Dumais Osborne

Check-In & Intentions for the Day - Alia Rasul

10:45 Unpacking Privilege:
a talk by Yasene Mawji
As prepare to have community discussions, we will anchor our day with a clear definition of privilege, what that means, how it is harmful and how it manifests in our spaces.

Yasene Mawji is a social worker currently at Anishnawbe Health Toronto and grounds her work in anti-oppressive practice. She has a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) focused in Direct Intervention: Individuals, Families and Communities from Carleton University.

11:45 Community Discussion:
What does Allyship in comedy look like?
Using anecdotes collected through surveys and workshops in the community, we will create the beginnings of a manifesto that outlines what true allyship in our comedy spaces can look like.

12:45 Pizza Lunch
Lunch will be provided by Panago Pizza through their amazing program Random Acts of Pizza. Thanks Panago! #randomactsofpizz

1:30 Literally Titanium Workshop:
a Performance by Ophira Calof
Playing her body as a character that’s finally getting her moment in the spotlight, Ophira uses music and comedy to explore the relationship between her body and mind as they navigates a world that wasn’t built for them. The piece deals with themes of illness and disability and there will be a talkback afterwards.

2:30 History is Written by the Victors:
a Conversation with Sara Meleika
Sara Meleika is currently the inclusion coordinator at Montreal Improv and is an educator, she has taught English, History & Contemporary Drama as well as Ethics and Religion at various schools. She was also a protestor in the Arab Spring.

3:00 Community Brainstorm: My Inclusion Resolutions
We can’t solve everything in a weekend or a workshop, so we’ll be creating a long-list of things we need to do beyond this weekend to become better allies. This list will be shared with the community and will form the basis of inclusion programming and further research at Bad Dog, so that we make sure we do this work together.

4:00pm Final thoughts and Thank-you’s


10:00 Breakfast registration open

10:30 Conversation Laboratories:
These facilitated conversations will focus around topics that are typically challenging to talk about. We will encourage collective learning so that participants are sharing best practices on how to share learned experiences or strategies for educating themselves rather than relying on oppressed folks to advocate for themselves. All labs will begin with a collective agreement, to set clear parameters to ensure that each session is as welcoming, safe and inclusive as possible.

  • Lab 1: Mastering the “Check-In/Check-Out” (10-12 participants)
    Participants will swap tools, techniques and best practices on how to define a space so that it is welcoming, safe and inclusive by using the check in and the check out.

  • Lab 2: Questions I’m afraid to ask (10-12 participants)
    Each participant will offer (anonymously) a question they are afraid to ask, and in return will be expected to contribute in helping other participants find answers or find solutions to their questions.

  • Lab 3: Bystander Intervention in Comedy (10-12 participants)
    Participants in this lab will brainstorm ways to stop harm and prevent harm from happening in our comedy spaces (classes, shows, social spaces). It will address questions such as: “As a teacher, what are best practices for me stop a scene that is harmful in a way that is constructive?”, “As a producer, what are the steps I should take to address a performer whose content is filled with bigotry?”

12:30 Lunch (not provided)


2:00 Let’s Talk About Resilience:
“The Art of Bouncing Back”

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. It is a path-way to well-being. We need to ensure that we are building resilience as begin to have more and more difficult conversations as we work to build equity. In this talk we will discuss different ways that we as the comedy community can support building resiliency in the spaces we are responsible for.

3:00 Community Shareback: Final Thoughts

4:00 The Next Steps + Thank-You’s