New Directors Series

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Bad Dog is excited to present five new unscripted works developed by the directors of the Emerging Creators Unit (through the generous support of The Pat and Tony Adams Freedom fund for the Arts): Jackie Twomey, Connor Low, Kyah Green, Patricia Tab & Alia Rasul.

RECOMMENDED FOR YOU // director: Kyah Green

“Recommend For You” is a live  improvised streaming service. Want to see Film Noir meet Documentary? Would you watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a French Arthouse Movie? Would you love to see an action flick directed by Wes Anderson? Six performers offer up customized categories based on every genre, actor or director imaginable, but what you watch is up to you! Recommend For You is the hilarious, genre-bending, cinematic comedy you’ve been searching for. Netflix has nothing on this.  

YOU ASKED FOR IT // director: Connor Low

Your perfect show, improvised. Directed by Connor Low (Shitty Tasty, Note to Self), You Asked For It is a show crafted to fulfill the wildest dreams of one audience member. Sci fi noir entirely in Spanish? We’ll do it! A modern love story dripping in well-thought-out, fresh philosophical insight? Sure! A perfectly plotted mystery that surprises and delights, teaching us things we never knew about ourselves? Whatever you want! A top notch cast of charming improvisors will present the perfect improv show every time.

KWENTO // director: Alia Rasul

Kwento is a Filipino folk story come to life. It is a take on the stories that are passed down from generation to generation that is typically centred around a teaching or a “moral of the story”. It asks, what are the kind of folk stories the next generation of Filipinos-Canadians going to tell? Will it be the same as their parents? If not, how different is it? Kwento weaves together improvised theatre, traditional Filipino folk music and performance illustration to create a folk story that has never been seen before.

POSTROMANCE // director: Patricia Tab

Does fiction glorify Toxic Monogamy? PostRomance is an unscripted comedy show whose cast ventures the answer: yes. Through improvisation, they find other ways of telling stories, and even maybe, a new way of thinking about romantic love. In exploring approaches to telling (love) stories that don’t glorify traditional romantic tropes - the cast incorporates techniques from multiple artistic disciplines to meet this challenge while bonding with the audience about what “romantic” even means.

“Romantic Love is a classic pillar of storytelling,” says director Patricia Tab. “Truth is, most romantic cliches encourage problematic behaviours in real life, like harassment or entitlement without consent. I thought it would be fun to ask a group of female identifying improvisers if they could find a way, onstage, to develop exciting stories that don’t follow those mechanisms.

They say yes, because we all have our own idea of what ‘real’ love means.”

KIN // directed by: Jackie Twomey

Like Grandmother, Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kin is an improvised family drama that follows 3 generations of women. It’s Humans meets Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Kin explores each generation at a seminal time in their lives. The show is anchored by a dinner with all the women. Director Jackie Twomey is excited to explore the unseen connection between generations. She explains, “Often people can’t see what’s right in front of their faces. Kin lets the audience in on each generation’s backstory. The audience experiences information that hadn’t ever been shared.”