Narrative Studio

The Bad Dog Theatre Narrative Studio Series is a 4-level, 32 week program that is designed to train intermediate to advanced improvisers in undirected, narrative longform improvisation & BeatProv in Toronto.


Narrative Studio


What is it?  The Narrative Studio Series is a 24 week program (three levels, each eight weeks, 2.5hrs per week) that is designed to train intermediate to advanced improvisers in undirected, narrative longform improvisation.

What distinguishes this program?  This class & performance series goes beyond “classes that make you a better improviser”.  Bad Dog has a long tradition of presenting narrative-based longform improv shows & formats (among them: Faking Bad, Throne of Games, Final Frontier, Galaxy Far Far Away & Hook Up) - and it is a priority for us to focus on developing the vocabulary and skillset key to this style of unscripted performance in a new generation of improvisers – with the additional goal of creating dynamic new work in this style that is both creatively satisfying and accessible to a broad audience.

How does this program work? The Narrative Studio Series progresses from a skills-based curriculum model into a guided show development and rehearsal process over the course of three levels of instruction.

The levels work as follows:

  • Level 1 - Types of Stories: basic story theory,  group story telling, want driven character work, scenework, shapes of stories (ie coming of age, romance)
  • Level 2 - Worlds of Stories: objective driven scenework (beats), genre techniques, theatricality & atmosphere
  • Level 3 - Create your own Story: Producing and putting up your own 45-60min narrative improv show 

Who is the Narrative Studio for? Experienced improvisers with previous stage experience. 

Duration: 2.5hrs/week for 8 weeks

When: Saturdays 2:30-5pm | October 13th - December 1st


Price: $250 (+HST)/level

PLEASE NOTE: Selected participants will need to commit to all three levels of the course as the work is cumulative. In addition to the in-class hours, students will be required to participate in two performance showcases per term (these are held on Tuesday evenings).



If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director, Jess Bryson, at