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Moonstruck explores the subconscious meaning and influence of dreams. How does a dream affect a person's waking life? Does it influence their relationships? their outlook on life? Is it possible find meaning within dreams? Why am I always naked and trying to finish a final exam while my best friend slowly turns into a snake? You know, things like that.

By way of inspiration, its cast will take the details of one audience member’s dream to create a hilarious and magical show. Completely made up on the spot and never to be repeated, this show is sorta like a dream (no, better).

Directed by Paloma Nuñez and produced by Paloma Nuñez and Sarah Hiller, featuring veteran comedians Jess Bryson (Bad Dog Repertory Players), Jess Grant (Impatient Theatre), Ken Halll (People of Earth), Sarah Hillier (Second City Mainstage), Andy Hull (New Faces: Toronto JFL42), Paloma Nuñez (Spotlight), Kevin Whalen aka Kevoltski Bah Duderama(Second City Mainstage) and Sean Tabares (D&D Live)

$10 students/arts workers • $15 general