icetro is Keith Johnstone's short form improv format- every Saturday before Theatresports!

Micetro Impro

Micetro is Keith Johnstone’s famous Survivor-style, round-robin elimination contest, where improvisors work together to score points per scene in the hopes of being the last player standing. After each round the people with the most points continue to the next round. The person with the most points at the end of the hour is the winner, earns a $5 prize, and is guaranteed a spot in next week's show. Along the way, they are coached and guided by expert directors, who set up each scene and keep the laughs on track.

Micetro is on every Wednesday at 8pm. You can buy tickets online or at the box office the night of!


Lindsay Mullan excited to be earning the average yearly improvisor wage in one evening.

At 7pm on Wednesdays, we have a 45 minute drop-in workshop taught by that night's two directors. We pick the performers for Micetro from the workshop; if you want to try and get a spot in the show just come to the workshop and put your hand up when we pick the cast (and of course, if you don't feel like playing you can just attend the workshop and watch the show). The workshop costs $5, which pays for both the workshop and your Micetro ticket! Would you like to know more about performing at Micetro? Visit the Micetro Player's Page.