Summer Blockbuster Week



The Bad Dog Theatre Company brings the high-octane action, intensity and deliciously terrible dialogue of the quintessential summer blockbuster from the silver screen to the live stage, completely unscripted. 

Summer Blockbuster Week 2 (the sequel to last summer's smash hit week of guilty pleasures and dangerous fun) is also presented in conjunction with the Canadian Improv Games' Next Act Festival - showcasing their hand-picked ensemble of rock-hot young improvisers from across the country alongside our amazing roster of improv pros.

Montreal internet sensations The Bitter End, creators of the critically acclaimed The Bitter End web series. Marc Rowland and Brent Skagford will take Toronto into the danger zone with EASY ACTION. It’s pulse-pounding, edge-of-your seat excitement... all without the use of stunt-doubles, wires, or scripts! 

They’ll also join the rest of the cast (Dan Beirne, Etan Muskat & Vanessa Matsui) for an instalment of The Bitter End PRESENTS: tales of romance, mystery, war and adventure; from slashers to erotic thrillers to full-fledged epics created before your very eyes.

Edmonton's celebrated Rapid Fire Theatre present Olymprov - a hilarious and energetic improvised Greek myth performed by Rapid Fire Theatre veterans Jamie Cavanagh and Richard Lam. Join Theseus and Aristophan as they use their godlike powers to wreak havoc in the modern day!

Bad Dog’s own Bad Dog Repertory Players: recently nominated for Best Improv Troupe at the 2013 Canadian Comedy Awards, the BDRP present Toronto, I Love You - a quintessential romantic comedy and ode to the city directed by Kirsten Rasmussen. 

Toronto comedy darlings Sex T-Rex, recently called "piss-your-pants hilarious and as tense and taut as a Hitchcock thriller" (Mooney on Theatre): their signature show, CALLAGHAN!, is a classic pulp adventure filled with dastardly villains, hair-raising chases, soul-wrenching monologues, wry wit and adorable machismo - entirely improvised by cast members Colin Munch, Conor Bradbury, Julian Frid and Seann Murray. 

The smart, fearless, femme-fatales of HAWKINS: Recent Del Close Marathon Official Selection, HAWKINS is Jess Bryson (VTSL), Tess Degenstein (Rapid Fire Theatre, Space Janitors), Monica Heisey (Vice Magazine), Liz Johnston, (Final Frontier), & Alice Moran (Spank! The 50 Shades Parody). Get ready for some butt-kicking lady cop action!

The Canadian Improv Games' Next Act Festival Ensemble: See the next generation of great Canadian improvisers in this hand-picked team of stand-out performers (aged 18-25) from across the country.

And speaking of emerging performers, Bad Dog Youth Academyalumni - Fanny Pack (Rob Lewin, Elliot Ritter, James Tugman & Ben Sosa Wright) open for the BDRP on Friday night!


Tuesday, August 13:
8pm - Academy Tuesday featuring: NSS 2 & 4 / SFS 1 & Next Act Festival Ensemble 
9:30pm - POWER Wheel of Improv

Wednesday, August 14:
8pm - Next Act & HAWKINS
9:30pm - Oylmprov & Sex T-Rex 

Thursday, August 15:
8pm - Next Act & Olymprov
9:30pm - Next Act & Easy Action


Friday August 16:
8pm - Fanny Pack & The BDRP 
10:30pm - Brodown Throwdown

Saturday August 17:
7pm - Next Act Ensemble 
8pm - Blockbuster Theatresports 
10:30pm - The Bitter End & Festival Mixer