Illusionoid + BDRP

llusionoid + BDRP

Two-time Globehead champions and masters of science-fiction & the absurd, the brilliant improv minds of Illusionoid team up with Bad Dog's resident cast to bring you a night of unscripted comedy you won't soon forget!

In the distant future, humanity has its last stand against the tyrant computer ILLUSIONOID. A lone survivor sends messages backwards through time in hopes that he can provide a warning of the danger to come. Will you heed his warnings? Open your ears and hone your senses, for without immediate action, none can escape the future that is ILLUSIONOID.

A bi-weekly improvised comedy podcast in the style of old-time radio shows like Inner Sanctum or X Minus One, Illusionoid is performed by Paul Bates (CTV’s Dan For Mayor, Second City), Lee Smart (Comedy Network’s 5th Quadrant, Second City) and Nug Nahrgang (Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back, SyFy’s Scare Tactics).

"simply amazing - NNNNN (out of 5 N's)" - NOW Magazine

And on April 9th they'll be joined by members of the award-winning Bad Dog Repertory Players: Kyle Dooley (Picnicface), Jess Bryson (Bad Dog Academy Director), Hannah Spear (Sexy Nerd Girl), Etan Muskat (The Bitter End), Anders Yates (Uncalled For), & Colin Munch (Sex T-Rex).

Worlds will collide in a live podcast recording followed by a favourite BDRP format.