Hogtown Empire

Bad Dog Theatre is proud to present its newest marquee show, Hogtown Empire

It’s the 1920′s. The inklings of a skyline are just emerging, twinkling on the southern banks of Ontario. The air is thick with the collective stench of the slaughterhouses that employ its citizens and the swamp on which they were built. The population is ravaged by war, stricken with influenza, beaten down by poverty–but so too does it enjoy the hard-earned benefits of industrialization. The sky is filled with coal smoke, the lake polluted by sewage: Welcome to Hogtown.

You don’t have to be a history buff to get into Bad Dog’s newest and most scandalous comedy, Hogtown Empire. Director Peter Stevens has selected an alluring and savvy cast of Toronto’s quickest comedic performers to take you back to our city’s dark origin story. On Wednesdays in January, let Stevens immerse you in a darkly funny account of a time where heating your home was illegal on Mondays, where children drove cars that were basically bombs on wheels, and when the centre of our fair city was occupied by slums.

The show stars Mark Little, Kayla Lorette, Dan Beirne, Lindsay Mullan, Daryn McIntyre, Kirsten Rasmussen and many more, Hogtown Empire promises to be a show that no Torontophile – or really anyone who’s ever spent time in this “fair” city – should miss.

Dan BEIRNE (Bl_nk City, For My Own Benefit)
Mark LITTLE (Picnicface, Rollertown)
Kayla LORETTE (The Sufferettes, Rollertown)
Lindsay MULLAN (Loose Moose Theatre, Truth or Dare)
Daryn MCINTYRE (The Sketchersons)
Kirsten RASMUSSEN (Montreal Improv, Rapid Fire Theatre)


Peter STEVENS (Elephant Empire, The Irrelevant Show)

with Molly DAVIS (D&D Live, Stupid Ugly Kids Club)





Want free tickets?? Look for them while learning about Toronto in the 1920′s with the help of geocaching!

All you have to do is use the coordinates on the website to lead you to the fun and historical Geocache sites. Once you’ve found the cache the tickets are inside! We’ve put some tickets in geocaches that already exist, and even hidden a few of our very own! If you follow the links below they will lead you to geocache website, but we’ve also included a clue from last week’s show to make it that much easier. Hopefully you’ll get to know a little bit more about Toronto’s history.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Hiding spot number one:

go to the geocache!

(First hint: This park is just down the street from the Comedy Bar and most likely the park where Elizabeth Crick met her “beaux” Ralph.)

Hiding spot number two:
go to the geocache!
(First hint: Must be very close to that open manhole on Dundas that  meant the end Thomas’ ghostly lover.)

Hiding spot number three:

Coordinates: N 43° 39.10 W 79° 28.05

(First hint: This is one of Toronto’s best known public baths in the 20′s, formerly known to residents as the “minnies” not only is it an easy place for the Crick’s to swim, its probably where many of Tommy’s “Brambles” clientele could be found.)

(Second hint: The entrance to the park is ajar).

Hiding spot number four:
go to the geocache!
(First hint: This leading institution has offered students an education in pharmaceutical knowledge and training in pharmacy practice since 1927 and is most likely where Peter gained his pharmaceutical degree.)

Never Geocached before? Click here for more info.