GLOBEHEAD 2017 submissions


For fourteen years, Toronto's top teams of improvisers have come together to do unscripted comedic battle at Bad Dog... warming the cold, dark winter with red hot laughs. Will you be the next to hoist Globehead in victory? 

Submit your team of up to 5 players using the form below by midnight on December 21st for a chance to compete!

(Full tournament FAQ is below the submission form.)

What is Globehead?
Globehead is Bad Dog’s annual shortform improv tournament, now in its 14th year. It runs Fridays and Saturdays in February at 8pm. 24 teams enter, 6 advance to the semi-finals, 3 move on to the finals… and one team is crowned, earning bragging rights for a year and the chance to hoist a truly ridiculous trophy in victory.

Who can play?
Anyone can submit a team. Teams may have no more than 5 players. Players can only be on one team in the tournament.

How does a night of play work?

  • Four teams compete on each of the preliminary nights... and only one moves on to the semi-finals from each preliminary night.
  • Our hosts welcome the audience, set up the night & introduce the "celebrity" judge.
  • Each night features two head-to-head matches followed by a sudden-death elimination round.

How does a head-to-head match work?

  • Our hosts introduce the two teams facing each other.
  • Team captains are called to the stage for a "coin toss" - a silly improv game or challenge to determine which team will go first.
  • Each match consists of three rounds. Scenes tend to be about 2-5 minutes long. (Each team plays three scenes in total.)
  • Two of the rounds are totally open: play any way you like - open scenes, classic games, new handles, anything goes. One of the rounds features a hosts' challenge to both teams. Something like: "scenes inspired by snow" or "must have an action sequence" or "use the audience in your scene"... but again, it's totally up to the teams how they take on the challenge.
  • Scenes are judged by a combination of audience votes (5 points) and by a "celebrity" judge (5 points).

And what’s this sudden-death elimination all about?
To determine who will advance to the semi-finals on February 24th, the winners of each match play one scene/game at the end of the night. The audience chooses which team moves on.