Globehead 2016


This February, a who’s who of Toronto’s hottest & freshest improvisers will face off in Bad Dog’s thirteenth annual Globehead tournament... 80 improvisers, 24 teams, 8 nights, 1 trophy!

Hosted by west-coast comedy darlings, Jess Bryson & Craig Anderson, Globehead is a hotly-contested Toronto comedy tradition and the 2016 lineup is jam-packed with an incredible mix of veteran heavy-hitters and emerging comedy powerhouses.

Over the years, Globehead has featured an award-winning lineup of improv luminaries including: The Sufferettes, Illusionoid, Falcon Powder, the National Theatre of the World, Tony Ho, RN & Cawls, Hawkins, the General Fools, Sex T-Rex, PRIMO, Ted & Lisa, 2-Man No-Show, 10,000 to Flight, Cirque du Poulet & more! 


Friday, February 5 | 8pm
Old & Married vs. Tacocheetah
The Professional Actors vs. The Wrecking Crew

Saturday, February 6 | 8pm
New Prince vs. Northwest Passage
SODA School of Dramatic Acting vs.
Single Ladies

Friday, February 12 | 8pm
Classic Humans vs. Queen Beys
MTCIPftMTC vs. The Nice Guys

Saturday, February 13 | 8pm
Sport Enthusiasts vs. Prom King
Mantrackers vs. The Coincidence Men

Friday, February 19 | 8pm
FLIGHT CLUB! vs. Fratwurst
Ethnic Eccentrics vs. Odin's Song

Saturday, February 20 | 8pm
KEVIN vs. French Toast
Salty Popcorn vs. Your Kids

Friday, February 26 | 8pm
New Prince vs. Mantrackers
MTCIPftMTC vs. Professional Actors
KEVIN vs. Coincidence Men

Saturday, February 27 | 8pm
Mantrackers vs. MTCIPftMTC vs. KEVIN

Saturday, February 27 | 9:30pm


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27 at 9:30pm: Join us for this tournament retrospective & completely bogus award show celebrating scenes that never actually happened over a jam-packed month of hilarious Globehead competition.

That's right - all the trappings of a fancy awards show without any of the legitimate recognition. Plus: a whole lot of comedy.



  • Classic Humans (Justin D'Angelo, Cassie Cao, Jennifer Ferris & Samantha Chaulk)
  • Ethnic Eccentrics (Lisa Merchant & Alex Hatz)
  • FLIGHT CLUB! (Constantine Pavlou & Liam Murphy)
  • Fratwurst (Evan Arppe, Eric Miinch & Josh Murray)
  • French Toast (Florian François, Daphney Jospeh, Sonia D'Amico & Mathieu St Laurent)
  • KEVIN (Colin Munch, Evany Rosen & Conor Bradbury)
  • Mantrackers (Matt Folliott, Nigel Downer & Natalie Metcalfe)
  • MTCIPfMTC (Nicole Passmore, Conor Holler & AJ Vaage)
  • New Prince (Justin Collette, Scott Lloyd & Michelle Hart)
  • Northwest Passage (Kat Letwin & Simon McCamus)
  • Odin's Song (Alice Moran, Dan Jeannotte, Chris Wilson & James Gangl)
  • Old and Married (Scott Goldman, Laura Salvas & Kjell Cawsey)
  • Prom King (Hans Krause, Alice Stratford Kurus & Callum Wratten) 
  • Queen Beys (Carol Zoccoli, Rakhee Morzaria, Hannan Younis & Nelu Handa
  • Salty Popcorn (Paloma Nuñez, Ann Pornel & Ify Chiwetelu)
  • Single Ladies  (Nora Boydell, Josh Obermeyer, Greg Fox & Candace Meeks) 
  • SODA School Of Dramatic Acting (Oliver Georgiou, Jess Grant, Ted Hallett & Ken Hall)
  • Sport Enthusiasts (Mark Shyzer & Cassie Barradas)
  • Tacocheetah (Zohaib Khan, Arun Kirupa, Malcolm Boner, Kaleb Brown & Connor Low)
  • The Coincidence Men (Marcel St. Pierre, Gord Oxley, Rob Hawke, Kerry Griffin & Ralph MacLeod)
  • The Nice Guys (Sharjil Rasool, John Richardson, Michael Mongiardi & Raul Delgado)
  • The Professional Actors (Christy Bruce & Gavin Williams)
  • The Wrecking Crew with New Gord (Jane Luk  Sam Agro & Dave Healey)
  • Your Kids (Nadine Djoury, Liz Johnston, Christian Smith & Kevin Vidal)