OLD/ALL Foundation Series

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Foundation Series

At the core of Bad Dog’s improv training program is our three-level Foundation Series. These classes are where we tackle the basics… the meat and potatoes of improvising… the bricks and mortar of building scenes. Our Foundation Series sets the table for our intermediate, advanced and performance-oriented workshops & classes – everything from shortform & competitive improvisation (featured in our flagship show: Theatresports) to longform genre pieces (like our critically acclaimed Dreadwood and BattleAwesome Awesomestar) to musical improvisation (like Troubadour!) to more experimental formats (like Zombie Toronto)...

You won’t be a master of improvisation after taking the Foundation Series… but you should have just that: a foundation. A basic vocabulary. Something to build on, whether you are looking to become a more confident performer or just find a greater comfort level thinking creatively or speaking in public.

Foundation Level 1:  BEGINNINGS
Basic terminology & skills of improvisation.

Foundation Level 2: MIDDLES
Builds on the skills introduced in Foundation 1, but with particular focus on action & stakes.

Foundation Level 3: (ODDS &) ENDS
Builds further on the ideas introduced in the previous two levels, but with a focus on scenework.


If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director, Jess Bryson, at academy@baddogtheatre.com.