Foundation Series

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Foundation Series


For over 20 years, our basic improv program has helped people from all walks of life improve their confidence, their public speaking, and their creativity. From CEOs to truck drivers, from sales people to ballet dancers, we’ve taught thousands of students the simple joy of improv as an art, business and life skill.

Whether you’re trying to break into the performing arts, hone a creative edge, or simply become more comfortable in front of new people, the Bad Dog Academy’s improv workshops are for you. They’re FUN, the people are supportive and there’s never any pressure to do things you’re uncomfortable with. Just take our introductory improv course and we’re sure you won’t regret it. Thousands of satisfied students, students just like you, can’t be wrong.

Who are we? Well the Bad Dog Theatre Company is the  home of Theatresports Toronto, the city’s longest continuously running improv show! We’ve been a commanding presence in the Toronto comedy community since 1982. Some of our award-winning alumni have gone on to work in stage, film, radio and television on shows like Saturday Night Live, Anne of Green Gables, The Road to Avonlea, History Bites, The Red Green Show, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Train 48, Air Farce, Sketchcom, MadTV and more!

Our faculty – all working actors – have been nominees or winners of Geminis, Doras, and Canadian Comedy Awards. As teachers and performers, they have toured across North America, Europe, Australia & the Caribbean, and they bring their unique perspective to every class.

Let us bring more life to YOUR life.

You won’t be a master of improvisation after taking the Foundation Series… but you should have just that: a foundation. A basic vocabulary. Something to build on, whether you are looking to become a more confident performer or just find a greater comfort level thinking creatively or speaking in public.

Foundation Level 1:  BEGINNINGS
Basic terminology & skills of improvisation.

Foundation Level 2: MIDDLES
Builds on the skills introduced in Foundation 1, but with particular focus on action & stakes.

Foundation Level 3: (ODDS &) ENDS
Builds further on the ideas introduced in the previous two levels, but with a focus on scenework.

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