Format Studio: Toronto, I Love You

Format studio: Toronto, I Love You


What is it? Don't miss this rare chance to learn one of Bad Dog's signature show formats: Toronto, I Love You - taught over six weeks by Bad Dog Artistic Director Julie Dumais Osborne with the show's original musical director Nick DiGaetano!

Bad Dog's critically acclaimed unconventional love letter to the city - Toronto, I Love You is an unscripted comedy about unexpected connections, set against a backdrop of neighbourhoods suggested by the audience.

Toronto, I Love You features a handful of spontaneously-crafted storylines that intertwine and intersect each other in surprising ways. Nicolas di Gaetano (Mi Casa Theatre, Business As Usual) serves as musical muse for the piece, both underscoring and inciting the action with a mix of Canadian songs - some improvised, some well-known - chosen each night to complement the stories.  

“It’s a little like P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia, only much less... depressing,” says director Julie Dumais Osborne. “We’re playing with light magic realism - which feels very natural for the Repertory Players. The cast is remarkable at drawing fantasy from the mundane and grounding the improbable in relatable, honest emotion.”

Who is the Format Studio for? This class is for advanced improvisers only. Must be comfortable with large ensemble work. Familiarity with Harold/longform techniques an asset. Studio grad +

PLEASE NOTE: Selected participants will need to feel comfortable singing (though do not need to be singers).

When? Thursdays 12-2:30pm | April 12th - May 17th

Duration: 2.5hrs/week for 6 weeks

Price: $200 (+HST)

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Instructor: Julie Dumais Osborne. Julie has been Bad Dog's Artistic Director since 2010. She is an award-winning improviser, director and instructor who has done all of these things across North America, in Australia and on a boat. Previously, she spent nearly two decades working with the Canadian Improv Games in various roles including National Associate Artistic Director, Artistic Director of both Improv Camp & the Next Act Festival, National Head Judge and Regional Director of the Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph tournaments. She is the co-creator of the internationally-franchised improv show format: catch23 IMPROV, is one half of performance comedy duo 10,000 to Flight and founded the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated improv collective PROJECTproject as well as the COMBUSTIONfestival which she now produces under the Bad Dog umbrella.

How to apply for the class: Application process is now closed.


If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director, Jess Bryson, at