Format Studio: Cat's Cradle

The Bad Dog Theatre Format Studio Series is a leveled professional conservatory-style program for experienced improvisers, focusing on finessing and elevating classic forms of long form improvisation, like Harold.

Format STUDIO | Cat's Cradle

Format Studio: Cat's Cradle with Kirsten Rasmussen

Cat's Cradle is a form initially created at IO Chicago with Del Close and Charna Halpern. This form is named after the child's string game where two players pass the same string back and forth making different and beautiful complex shapes.  It's a highly physical format where all players are engaged in every scene finding movement and transformation based edits. It's like improv on LSD, or an ever expanding dream. Pair this format with Kirsten's skills of energetic committed scene work and physical know-how and you've got an advanced class for the stage hungry and movement loving improviser.  

What is the Format Studio? Our core Studio Series classes (Ensemble, Narrative, Shortform & Musical Improv) explore broader categories of improvisational styles & approaches. The Format Studio is where we get specific. Each Format Studio delves into an individual existing model for performance & play within the canon of western improvisation (i.e. Harold, Cat’s Cradle, Pushpins, Story/Monologue-inspired Improv, Toronto, I Love You, etc.)... tailoring each teaching module to the specific needs and areas of specialization of the particular form being explored.

Who is the Format Studio for? Experienced improvisers with previous stage experience. (Note: while there will certainly be some philosophical and technical overlap with content covered in the Ensemble Studio, our approach is very specific and we are confident that ESS alumni would find the experience both rich and challenging.) 

When? January-April 2019 | 2 levels

Instructor: Kirsten Rasmussen

Kirsten Rasmussen is a teacher and performer at Bad Dog Theatre. She is alumni of the Second City Toronto Mainstage. A former director and co-founder of the Montreal Improv Theatre, and an alumni of the infamous Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, and the University of Alberta Fine Art's Acting program. Kirsten brings her decade of improv experience, acting, clown work and performance and pairs it with a life long study of dance and movement  to bring a unique and specifically physical approach to improv direction. 

Duration: 2.5hrs/week for 8 weeks (2 levels)

Price: $250 (+HST)

Please Note: In addition to the in-class hours, students will be required to participate in two performance showcases per term (these are held on Tuesday evenings 8pm)

Cat's Cradle Studio
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