Emerging Creators Unit

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Bad Dog is committed to the development of the next generation of improvised theatre artists and the advancement of our artform, onstage and off. The Emerging Creators Unit is a new initiative designed to nurture and support emerging directorial voices in our community, arming them with the resources, tools and experience needed to create new unscripted work with confidence. It is our hope that this unit will also create opportunities for emerging voices to assume the key creative roles vital in bringing new perspectives and experiences to the stage.

The Emerging Creators Unit is generously supported by the Pat & Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts.

Number of participants: 4
Residency: February 2018-October 2018

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 30, 2017

The Emerging Creators Unit will:

  • Meet for 2 hours weekly from February through to October
    • two of these meetings per month will be facilitated by Bad Dog’s Artistic Director
    • one of these meetings per month will be facilitated by a key Bad Dog team member (General Manager, Inclusion Director, Technical Director, etc) or invited director-mentor
    • the fourth monthly meet-up will correspond with attending one selected Bad Dog show per month together & debriefing the experience

Each participant will:

  • Receive an honorarium of $450 to support their participation in the program and an additional production budget allocation of $100 per director to apply to their directorial project(s)
  • Assistant-direct a Bad Dog marquee production
  • pend 4 weeks directing a Bad Dog Studio alumni cast
  • Develop, workshop and stage an original Bad Dog show (to receive a minimum of four featured performances in July & August 2018)
  • Be responsible for programming/directing one hour of Bad Dog’s annual 24-hour marathon (September 2018)

Additional outcomes, goals & areas of focus:

  • Show creation from concept through to casting, rehearsal, execution and post-mortem
  • Exploration of directorial styles & approaches
  • Building an effective toolkit for independent unscripted theatre production (including show budgeting, design, marketing, communication with team members, promotion & troubleshooting)