D&D Live!

The Bad Dog Theatre Company presents a live, unscripted action adventure comedy based on Dungeons and Dragons, the most popular role playing game in history.

The Queen’s Park is in ruins and the Kingdom of Islington is on the brink of civil war. A dark terror has cast its shadow over the realm. Will our adventurers heed the call and band together to save the realm from doom? Will the forces of evil prevail? Will someone roll a natural 20?

It is UP TO YOU.

For over 40 years, an estimated 20 million people have immersed themselves in worlds filled with wizards, dwarves, kobolds, treasures, dragons and magic. Tome-like manuals, statistics that rival baseball’s, and rules that would give the Canadian tax code a run for its money, have kept all but the most die-hard dungeon crawlers from experiencing its wonderment… until now. Join a spectacular cast of 14 of Toronto’s best and brightest improvisors to experience this classic cult phenomenon in all of its epic, unscripted, mythical glory. Using D&D game mechanics, audience suggestions, the random chance of a twenty- sided die, the show will follow the exploits of a group of brave adventurers questing through the realm of T’rannah. Though they may come from different backgrounds, different races and different classes, they must overcome their individual prejudices to save the land. Armed with Players’ Handbooks (the show program), the audience will match wits and roll dice against the Host/Dungeon Master to resolve crucial challenges and keep their heroes alive and making them laugh.

"Regardless which edition you choose to play or whether you favor a rogue or paladin to a cleric, Bad Dog Theatre Company has taken this legendary game and turned it into a hilarious improv stage performanceThe characters are hilarious and the actors play them well, taking audience cues with ease. Molly Davis who portrayed the halfling rogue May Cottonball, fit her rogue character perfectly, jumping up with excitement will asking the DM if she could step in to slit the foe’s throat. Chris Gibbs as the dark sorcerer Drofbar the Terrible, delivered a delightfully droll and sarcastic performance befitting of his character… It’s a production that fits well with any D&D aficionado, as the subtleties of the performance turn into inside jokes that are better understood by those who have played before. For those not too familiar with the RPG, D&D Live is still a hilarious adventure comedy romp. Either way, this show is too funny to be missed."

- Samantha Wu, Mooney on Theatre

Conor Bradbury (Sex T-Rex)
Molly Davis (D&D Live)
Alistair Forbes (Second City TO)
Julian Frid (Sex T-Rex)
Ted Hambly (All The World’s a Stage of Grief)
Liz Johnston (Wit’s End Theatre Company)
Seann Murray (Soulpepper, Puppetmongers)
Kirsten Rasmussen (Bad Dog Repertory Player)
Sean Tabares (Canadian Comedy Award winner, Throne of Games)

and many special guests… including Christy Bruce, Evany Rosen, Chris Gibbs, Paul Bates and Rob Baker.

Wednesdays, 8pm

October 23, 30November 6 & 13
Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St. West
Tickets: www.comedybar.ca
Comedy Bar Box Office 416-551-6540
Also available at the door.
$12 adults, $10 students