Custom Workshops

Custom improv workshops!

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Improv training isn’t just for actors – the basic theories behind the craft apply in the classroom, workplace or personal relationships. Learn to trust yourself and others, to communicate clearly with your team, to follow your instincts, and to react positively and pro-actively to challenges. Our corporate team building seminars are affordable, interactive, flexible, entertaining, and above all – fun!


Do you need an unforgettable team building experience? Our Bad Dog instructors will have your team laughing and bonding in unbelievable ways. Using simple improv based exercises that anyone can jump into, they will get your group working together, supporting one another and having a unique shared experience that is guaranteed to boost morale and build the team.


Want to enhance specific skills in an innovative way? All the fun and bonding of our team building workshops but with more of a focus on the skills we use when we improvise and how those can be transferred to the business world, or anywhere in the world!  Improving  listening and communication, building spontaneity and creativity, and reacting positively to change and new ideas are just some of the transferrable skills we explore. Kick start your sales team with new skills, get your customer service reps responding with clarity and consistency, enhance your managers leadership skills… we can customize the focus to your group's goals.  


Our HR department was thrilled with your workshop. The breakout groups worked well and had a great time learning skills with each member of your team. Listening to the laughter from the other breakout groups was almost as much fun as participating in our own group.
- Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.


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