Corporate Workshop


What is it?

Our workshops are used for many organization-specific goals: making sales sound more natural, getting customer service reps to respond with clarity and consistency, building a more collaborative team, and developing leadership skills.

Our workshops start by teaching you the fundamentals of improv: clear communication and collaboration. From there you can customize to suit your needs. We've done everything from executive training series to role-playing with sales teams to creating and running trade show booths.


Prices start at $1,800 + HST  and includes:

-Workshop length of 90 min – 2 hour

-Offsite, within the GTA (incremental cost for our location)

-Up to 20 individuals

-1 facilitator

Our HR department was thrilled with your workshop. The breakout groups worked well and we had a great time learning skills with each member of your team. Listening to the laughter from the other breakout groups was almost as much fun as participating in our own group.
— -Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.