Company History

The History
(seriously abridged)

10 years ago, three friends (Kerry Griffin, Marcel St. Pierre & Ralph MacLeod) - hot off a game-changing improv road trip - decided that improv needed a dedicated, full-time, pedal-to-the-metal home in this city.

And so, building on the 20-year tradition of Theatresports Toronto, the Bad Dog Theatre Company was born... and with it, an honest-to-goodness bricks-and-mortar theatre space dedicated exclusively to unscripted performance. Cue a decade of excellent, affordable classes; critically acclaimed and award-nominated unscripted comedy revues; signature improvised parodies and genre send-ups; boundary-pushing experimental formats; festivals, first-times, foolishness, fun ... and most of all, the most fantastic, supportive creative community you could ever hope to find!

Bad Dog's legacy is entrenched and the company continues to grow and delight... now presenting shows and teaching classes at our theatre located at 875 Bloor St. W.