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Sex T Rex

It's hot, sunny, cloudless weather out there which can only mean several things, one of which is: Fall Is Here!

Joe Addleman has gone back to school but the rest of Sex T Rex is partying HARD and trying to forget how much we miss the guy. God, we miss that guy.

To ease our pain we're joined by some special guests: a hand-picked Crack Team of some of Joe's MOST POWERFUL friends will join us for an IMPROV JAM OF HEALING:

Amie "Ever Ready" Everett

Jeremy "40,000" Voltz


Steve "Hot Rocks" Cole


Also we will be drinking heavily. Conor has provided his personal CONOR BRADBURY IRONCLAD GUARANTEE that he will be slurring his words before the show even STARTS! 

You know we're taking advantage of that.

Also, CLAPTONESQUE classic rock of the hot variety Improv from your pals Sex T-Rex maybe inspired by tiff. Anybody seen anything at tiff?

10 bucks! 8pm! Bad Dog! Shots!

Earlier Event: September 16
Later Event: September 17
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