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Dust Bunny

Get swept up.
9:30pm | Fridays | April 17 - May 22

Dust bunnies surround us. They hide in the drawers of our desks. Underneath our beds. Between picture frames. In corners we can’t reach. Imagine a dust bunny is left unchecked, free to roam, collecting bits and pieces of its surroundings. What would that dust bunny look like and what stories would it tell?

A completely unscripted show, Dust Bunny centers on one story, created by a cast of Toronto’s best improvisers, including Nicole Passmore (Pushpins), Liz Johnston (Toronto, I Love You) and Alex Tindal (GET SOME). Just as a dust bunny collects particulars as it grows, this story gathers moments and information from ancillary scenes and builds them to an uproarious conclusion.

Dust Bunny aims to inspire and and push boundaries with bold, beautiful group work and memorable moments of pure discovery.

Director Matt Folliott (S&P, Filthy) says, “Dust Bunny takes all my favourite elements of an improv show, high energy physical play and relationship driven scene work, and smashes them together for a high octane adventure where groupmind and ensemble-play come to the forefront.”

It’s a hilarious, fast paced improv show that stretches the limits of group play and creation.

If this is your first taste of improv, hold on for dear life, you’re about to be swept up with the Dust Bunny!

Earlier Event: April 24
Later Event: April 24