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That Moment When


Jan Caruana and Rob Baker are awkward. Jan has never had a relationship last longer than 6 months and Rob was fired from an umbrella factory. They are a couple of train wrecks. But they are also hilarious. That Moment When explores two characters on the cusp of something big. It’s that flash of eye contact from across the room at a party. It’s shoulders bumping too hard on a crowded subway platform. It’s a pigeon landing on your sandwich. It’s a 60-Minute improv scene that strips the form down to the bare minimum.

Having worked together on the Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Show Stopping Number and Toronto Fringe Festival Patron’s Pick About An Hour, Jan and Rob are so pumped to be together again. They have brought their special brand of honest and brash improv to stages across the country and believe that improv can leave an audience changed...or at the very least, able to forget about their shitty mayor for an hour.

Tickets: $10 online or at the door

Later Event: March 16