Book Club

An improvised book club meet up at Comedy Bar on the third Sunday of every month!

Book Clubs premise is simple: through a combination of conversation and scenework, our improvisers will explore a different Canadian novel on the Comedy Bar Cabaret stage on the third Sunday of every month. Book Club is an intimate and thoughtful comedy show that brings the audience and performers together: the audience will be involved in selecting what gets read, and each show’s unofficial “epilogue” will be post-show discussions at the bar!

“So many improv shows are homages to TV shows and movies. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if we drew from literature instead, favoring inspiration over imitation. Improvisers are masters at drawing from the world and using what they experience as the inspiration for something completely new and unexpected. Just like conventional book clubs, it’s a chance to really get inside and explore the art we love.”
— Creator & host Dan Hershfield

Book Club takes all of the best elements of classic readers’ soirees - spirited discussion, strong opinion, the very real possibility of drinking a little too much wine - and combines them with the levity and liveliness of an unscripted comedy show featuring some of Toronto’s sharpest wits. It’s the perfect night out for anyone who’s ever wanted a nudge to finally crack open that hot/essential/controversial/quintessential volume they’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t gotten around to… and if you don’t quite get through each month’s selection, you never have to worry about being put on the spot. Just like a good book, our performers have you covered.

This month's Book Club choice is  Rawi Hage's Cockroach !   

This month's Book Club choice is Rawi Hage's Cockroach!


Our Cast:

Jan Caruana (Second City)
Chris Gibbs (National Theatre of the World)
Evany Rosen (BDRP, Picnicface)
Jocelyn Geddie (The Sketchersons)
Thomas MacKay (Teh Internets Quiz Show)
Jess Bryson (Bad Dog Repertory Players)
Ashley Comeau (Second City)
Lindsay Grant (Teh Internets Quiz Show)
Devon Hyland (Comedy on Tape).

Book Club

8:00pm - 3rd Sunday of every month (usually)
January 19, February 16,
March 23 (NB: 4th Sunday this month only),
April 20, May 18
Location: Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St. W)
Tickets are $10 regular/ $5 student
Tickets are available at the door, online via the Comedy Bar,
Comedy Bar Box Office at 416-551-6540

Don’t wait for the movie, come to Book Club instead.

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