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bad dog’s studio SERIES classes return

Bad Dog Academy’s Studio Series classes run for the duration of three consecutive terms, extending from late October to early April. Each term consists of 8 classes, at a cost of $250 plus tax. Each term includes a minimum of two performances at Academy Tuesday.

Each of these advanced performance-level classes focuses on a specific approach to/application of improvisation - each intended to reflect the sort of professional work produced & performed on the Bad Dog stage. Students in the Studio Series classes work together with a dedicated instructor to master a particular form or skill, all culminating with public grad show performances in April/May 2020, showcasing original formats developed over the course of the series.

There are four studios currently being offered:

  • Shortform Studio Series: great improv, in smaller packages - from impactful scenework to traditional games & handles to crowd-work and hosting, the Shortform Studio embraces performance-level improv delivered in shorter bursts (examples: Theatresports, Beer League, FRONTRUNNER, Throwdown, Micetro)

  • Narrative Studio Series: big-story-driven improv - dive into plot devices, character archetypes, narrative structure, genre conventions and stylistic elements while creating fully improvised plays (examples: HOOKUP, Yes Android, Entrances & Exits, Wayward, Past Dark, The One)

  • Format Studio: Harold: one of improv’s best-known forms, and one that’s been taught all over the world, the Harold started in Chicago (under the direction of Del Close and Charna Halpern) and its essential elements can be found at the heart of many longform improv shows (examples: Harold Night, Moonstruck)

  • Thematic Studio Series (formerly known as Ensemble Studio Series): build a world and play in it - through the exploration of theme and the mapping & transposition of imagery, character dynamics & motifs without an emphasis on resolving big narrative story arcs (examples: Pushpins, Toronto, I Love You, La Grande Jatte, Playlist, MOVE)

You can sign up to audition for one or many of the studio SERIES classes at the link found HERE.

The deadline to register for these auditions is Friday, July 26th 2019.

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