All Play


Looking for a fun night out? Time on stage? A way to meet new people? ALL PLAY is all that.

At 9:30pm following our Academy student night we start our Pay-What-You-Can jam show. If you want to play, just jump up on stage when the host calls for performers!  There's no experience necessary; it's a comfortable space to try new things in front of people. We'll run through a variety of improv classics and experimental games, all geared towards getting you onstage experience, or if you're a seasoned pro, meeting new people to play with!

If you're just looking to catch some comedy, no problem, you can just sit back and relax. There's no pressure to play if you don't want to!

After the jam is done, join us for trivia in the bar. (No team? No problem!) All Play is all about starting the week right with a bunch of new pals. 

9:30pm • every Tuesday
Pay What You Can at the door