Actual Jeopardy

Actual Jeopardy

Actual Jeopardy is a monthly show at Bad Dog Theatre that takes the beloved night-time game show Jeopardy and puts it in front of an audience. Contestants are hand picked from the Toronto Comedy and Arts Community and each month you can see some of your favourite comedians/improvisers/personalities testing their trivia skills with general knowledge… and don’t forget to respond in the form of a question!

Hosted by “Alex Trebek" (aka: Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Jan Caruana in gentle drag), the show features everything you love about Jeopardy: Daily Doubles, inane contestant interviews, patented low-key Trebek burns (boo hiss). But what Actual Jeopardy has over Jeopardy is that in each round, there is a Pot Pourri category where the audience gets to choose the question. As they shout out different categories, “Alex Trebek” is forced to test his general knowledge and come up with a question, for that category, right on the spot!

Actual Jeopardy is perfect for people who love Jeopardy and always wanted to see how the sausage is made, people who love trivia and people who love watching TV, but know that they should get out of their house at least once a month (we don’t even mind if you show up in your jammies!)

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Past contestants of Actual Jeopardy include: Adam Cawley (Murdoch Mysteries), Kathy Greenwood (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Nelu Handa (Workin’ Moms), Becky Johnson (Second City), Evany Rosen (Picnicface), Miriam Siddiqi (Globe & Mail), David Tomlinson (Star Trek), Connor Thompson (Second City), Jennifer Whalen (Baroness von Sketch Show) and Jeremy Woodcock (This Hour Has 22 Minutes)



The New New Liar’s Club

The New New Liar’s Club is a reimagining of the old 60’s (and later 80’s) game show The Liar’s Club. Hosted by Canadian Comedy Award Winner and comedy mainstay Kerry Griffin, The New New Liar’s Club allows two members of the audience to get on stage and compete for valuable prizes!

Pitted against a panel of “Liars”, the contestants must discern who is telling the truth and who is pulling stuff outta their butt, as our host asks for definitions of strange words, plots to obscure movies, celebrity fun facts, and more!

Panelist include: Marty Adams (Second City), Jim Annan (Falcon Powder), Paul Bates (Dan For Mayor), Jason Derosse (Second City)Alastair Forbes (Second City), Jennifer Goodhue (Baroness Von Sketch), Ann Pornell (Second City), David Shore (Monkey Toast), and Kris Siddiqi (Baroness von Sketch Show)

At the end of the show, the contestant with the most points wins a prize and the person with the least points gets to go home and look up gullible in the dictionary. The New New Liar’s Club is perfect for people who love to laugh and think they have a terrific bulls#!t detector. Because we promise you… it isn’t as good as you think it is. 

Actual Jeopardy + The New New Liar's Club
8pm • Thursday, October 4
$10/$5 students online or at the door