Acting For Improvisors



What is it?

Here's a class to help you improvise with intention. When the moment calls not for just a clever joke, but for commitment, stakes and an instinct to push the scene into what your improvised character wants. This class will focus on finding the intentions, action and acting available to you in your improv scenes. Because not every improv scene or format is a joke machine, some require something a bit more.

When is it?

Mondays 5:3-7:30 PM | Nov. 12th-Dec. 3rd

Who is it for? This workshop is for performers with previous experience (Foundation 3+ or equivalent)

How much does it cost? $125 (+HST)

About the instructor: Kirsten Rasmussen is an award winning comedian known for her larger than life characters and physicality. She is alumni of the Second City Toronto Mainstage, a teacher/director and performer at Second City Training Centre and the Bad Dog Theatre. She performs and tours regularly with her comedy duos, K$M with Matt Folliott, and The Bloody Marys with Leigh Cameron.

Kirsten is also known for her solo sketch shows FULL TIME IDIOT and KIRSTEN, GET SOME FRIENDS which won Just For Laughs PIck at Montreal Sketchfest and Patrons’s Pick at Toronto Sketchfest respectively. Kirsten’s work has been seen on your Tv screen the screen in Dino Dana, Odd Squad, The Beaverton, Schitt’s Creek and various commercials selling you things. If you’d like to see Kirsten play a sad middle aged man (and why wouldn’t you?) please check out her webseries called Healing From Heartbreak found on the BelairDirects page.


If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director at