Summer Series: Clown


Summer Series: Clown


What: This workshop is for people with any level of experience in the art of clowning. People that want to discover more about the modern clown figure and it's construction through the exploration of the self. We already are weird and beautiful enough, there's no need to create a ridiculous character or to develop a fictional persona. This is a modern approach to creating a clown that speaks to today and not one that is limited by old ideas or clichés of what a clown is and looks like.

In this introductory course the students will embark on a journey that first aims at waking up their bodies, their intuition and listening skills. We then move on to experiencing what true presence and communication might feel like on stage so that we can later dive into a deeper exploration of our creative potential.

Who is it for? This workshop is for performers with previous improv experience (Foundation 2+ or equivalent) but no need for clown experience.

When: Sundays 2-6pm | August 12th - August 26th

Cost: $200

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