Narrative Studio

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BDA Performance- Narrative.jpg

Narrative Studio


Primary Focus: To explore basic story theory, character archetypes, and single-plot narrative structures.

Duration:  8 weeks

Price: $250 (+HST)

Concepts covered:

  • Story theory
  • Blocks as obstacles
  • Character archetypes
  • Establishing the hero
  • Role of the Mentor
  • Villains & Monsters
  • Primary vs. Secondary characters
  • Format: The Quest


Participants will workshop a minimum 2 – 3 improv formats, to offer a broad experience working in different styles and genres.  This is a preparatory level for NARRATIVE STUDIO III: EPIC SPACE.  Any student who struggles with this level may be asked to repeat this class, until ready to participate in subsequent levels of study.  

Further Info: A beat is an event that takes place in a narrative.  Beats are the events that happen.  Improvisers provide the “how” we get there and the “what” that happens to the characters.  The improvisers flesh out the story and take us from beat to beat.  In NSS2 we learn how to develop the characters that will be used to tell the story, "write" the beats of a story, and how to perform a beated script.

In NSS2 we will build on the narrative concepts & archetypes introduced in NSS 1 and continue to develop character to perform a show based on scene icons.  Scene icons are types of scenes that are touchstones in our collective psyche like the first kiss, first date, divorce, revelation, absolution etc.  We will explore the icons & characteristic elements that occur in different genres of theatre, TV and film and create a show based on the icons of a particular television show or film.


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